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Community Access

Serving our community is a critical component of our work at SPARK. We know that removing barriers to access is vital to that aim. This is why SPARK offers Community Access Events for organizations within our community. Our intention is to provide access and enrichment to community organizations that provide services and support for historically marginalized families and help foster health and well-being, cultural connectedness, or STEAM initiatives in our community. 

Events and Partners

Thanks in large part to a sponsorship from Minnwest Bank and Mayo Clinic, SPARK has been able to provide a number of community access events to organizations this year.

We have been fortunate to partner with organizations such as: Pamoja Women, ACHLA, Ronald McDonald House, Rochester Public Schools American Indian Education Department, and more!

Do you know of an organization that could benefit from a Community Access Event? Visit the link below to send us more information!


Community Access Event Application

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