Get fully immersed into Spark

Our Exhibits

Play is the best way to learn, and here at Spark, each exhibit is intentionally designed as a robust educational resource that contributes to the well-being of children and the community. Our exhibits are created with an understanding of children’s development and they are aligned with our focus areas, STEAM, health and well-being, and cultural connections. These exhibits help foster exploration, creativity, discovery, innovation, and education.


Can you make water flow upwards? Can you build a dam that can turn lights on in houses? What makes the vortex spin? Explore these questions and more as you splish, splash, and

spray in H2OH!

Imagination Station

A space designed for learning through exploration and discovery. Make, create, tinker, invent and discover using a revolving set of materials and concepts. What talents and interest will you uncover as you create and build?

The Helix

Twist and turn as you scale 16 feet up Helix, our three-dimensional vertical maze. Test your agility, speed and power in our climbing structure set in the center of Spark. 


A special spot, for our visitors ages three and under. Our youngest learners explore and spark their curiosity by experimenting at the light table and wriggling their way through the mirrored triangle. 

Our World Bazaar

Celebrate the cultural richness of our community's diversity through the universal themes of food, clothing, play, and stories. Shop in the market for unique ingredients, prepare a family feast in the cafe or take the stage to tell a story. 

070722 Spark Rochester Childrens Museum 51d.jpg

Can you help SPARK City thrive? Let's fix the traffic jams, water leaks, smog, and cheer up our unhappy residents. Work together with others to keep the city a clean and happy place to live. Ride the bike, turn the water wheels, explore sources of power, and build buildings to keep the city going!