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One Month Free Membership

Spark is offering one month of free membership to all our existing members! This includes former MCMR members and our Spark members.

When we envisioned opening the doors to our new space, none of us expected that we would be limiting guests or using an opening model of private playdates. We fully understand that this is not what our members hoped for either, and would like to offer you an extra month of membership to enjoy our new space in the future! This expiration date of your membership will automatically reflect this additional month in the Spark Membership System.

As we have implemented a phased opening plan for our new space, we realize that this is not a feasible way for all our guests to visit Spark. We look to implement a 2nd phase in the upcoming weeks to allow a more open admission style of play with while still limiting the number of guests and following all necessary health and safety guidelines.

Updates on MCM benefits for our existing Rochester members will be coming soon.

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