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Spark Capital Campaign Update

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Since March 2019, Spark’s capital campaign committee has reached out to board members, area businesses, foundations and individuals for gifts and pledges. The results have been incredibly positive! To date, we have received commitments totaling $2,020,974.00, or 77%, of our $2,630,000.00 goal.

Particularly exciting is the “vibe” of the campaign so far. Supporters have told us again and again how much they care about Spark and the amazing work we do. They speak of the value of our organization in their lives, to their families and the community.

There is a spirit of anticipation - a commitment to thinking ambitiously, to express our values by honoring the work of the museum’s past, and creating play spaces for future generations.

In the coming weeks, the success of the capital campaign is urging. We have more to do and we need your help. Every little bit matters and makes a difference.

With your help, we will achieve our vision. So much has been done already. Much remains to be done. Spark’s leadership and board are dedicated and know this will happen if we all step up and bring Spark to life.

We want to thank those who have paved the way for Spark to become a reality.

Harper Family Foundation

Mayo Clinic

State of MN Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

Think Bank

Otto Bremer Trust

​Bowman Tool and Machining

​Altra Federal Credit Union

Kwik Trip

Prairie Island Indian Community

North Sky Health Consulting, LLC

​Premier Bank

White Space

Enterprise Holdings

Associated Bank

Local Carpenters Union 1382

Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund-Legacy

Bradley & Rebecca Nuss / Nuss Truck Group Inc.

Dr. Mark and Mary Ellen Warner

Leigh and Judy Johnson

Randy and Loree Flick

​Kari Michaletz

Beth Sherden

Kenneth Brown

Jenny Hosfeld

Angie Bowman-Malloy

Sean Malloy

Without you, this would not be a reality. Thank you for your continued support.

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