Spark Team

We are a small but mighty team of creative, smart, and fun individuals who care about helping kids learn! Along with our amazing Sparkologists, we have a passion for serving children and families in our community. 



Executive Director

Jennifer is new to Spark and motivated to provide opportunities for the Rochester community and beyond in her role as Executive Director. Jennifer has an extensive background in nonprofit management, education and outreach programming and will work to make the museum as accessible to all by providing positive experiences for families to enjoy together.  As an art’s enthusiast, Jennifer loves the Helix because it combines a one-of-a-kind art structure with engineering and mobility.

jeraka portrait.jpg


Operations & Visitor Services Manager

Jeraka has been with Spark since July of 2020 and joined the team right before the new location opened!  She enjoy's being a part of an organization structured around families learning and growing through time spent together. Her 7 year old daughter is very creative and is always looking for a project, the museum has a fantastic makers space to offer a creative outlet for all ages. As a kid she loved being outdoors, and spent most of her time at the lake or playing outside with her brothers and friends.  Her favorite exhibit is H2Oh, our water table, representative of the Zumbro River.  She loves how this exhibit is tied to our community and has an area that demonstrates hydroelectricity.

lindsey portrait.jpg


Development Manager

Lindsey has been with the organization since October 2018. Her passion is development and helping the organization reach its highest funding potential. Working at Spark allows her to write grants for programs that the community and Spark visitors are passionate about. She has 3 year old twins that are always wanting hands on activities, and the museum is a place for them to expand their learning through play! Her favorite childhood toy was the easy bake oven (the most popular exhibit in children’s museums is the pretend play kitchen). She enjoys the Little Sparks exhibit the most because even the youngest learners have the opportunity to experience hands-on education.