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Holidays Around the World at SPARK

December is a month full of celebrations that bring people together. At SPARK, we honor the rich cultural heritages in our community, and their traditions, and help children and families understand and explore the world around them while visiting SPARK. 


Families that visit our museum have many different traditions based on their background. We embrace the beauty and diversity in these celebrations through our programming year-round, and many holidays fall in December. We are fortunate to have community partners who are making time to share their experiences with our visitors this month.


Join SPARK this December to learn about:

  • Hanukkah through story, song, and art with Rabi Michelle

  • Day of the Poinsettia through art with mutliple mediums

  • Christmas with a concert from the Ethiopian Children’s Choir and finish with traditional bread and Ethiopian coffee

  • Las Posadas by making Piñatas

  • Christmas through building gingerbread houses, designing window clings, and ornament decorating, letters to Santa, including a visit from Santa

  • Kwanza with drums and the 7-pillars unity chain

Finally, one way that people celebrate holidays is by sitting down and sharing a meal together. All month, SPARK will offer a program called Feast Food, where children and their adults can learn about and take home recipes often used at different celebrations during this season. Come create foods with play dough like Cholla Bread, Latkes, Sufganiyot, and Brisket, and more.

This December, are there any holidays or traditions that you and your family celebrate? How to you plan to honor these traditons as time goes on? Consider involving your child or the children in your life with your time-honored practices like cookie baking, singing songs, or making special decor like piñats or unity chains. You might just come up with a new tradition, too.


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