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Time to Play for Earth Day!

How are you going to provide hands-on experiences for Earth Day this year? There are many ways to care for the earth, like planting seeds or recycling plastic. We already do some of these in preparation for a garden or in our daily routines. But, what can you do that is special with a little one and something that is fun and engaging in recognition of Earth Day? Read below for some ideas.

Take a Letter Walk

What is a letter walk? Go outside and find objects that start with the letters in your child's name, your name, or a fun word! How many words will you spell on one walk?

B- Bird

R- Rocks

A- Ant

N- Nest

C- Cloud

H- What will you find that starts with H?

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Get outside and be ready to spot animals and plants! How many different things will you find? Use the following nature scavenger hunt and see what you can discover! Bring a writing utensil with you to mark things off as you find them. If there is something not on the list, flip the sheet over and draw a picture or write a list. You can download the scavenger hunt below the picture and fill it out at home!

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt File
Download DOCX • 408KB

Make a Bird Feeder

Have you made a pinecone bird feeder before? Take a pinecone and cover it in shortening or peanut butter, crunchy peanut butter for extra treats, and stick birdseed to the outside. You can hang it from a tree with string.

Another option is to use an old milk carton and cut holes as windows on each side. Put a stick through the holes for the birds to perch, and fill the carton with birdseed. Hang it on a tree or put it somewhere in your yard and watch what comes to eat the birdseed.

Both are ways to recycle materials into something new. Plus you get to be on the lookout for birds eating your seed in the coming days!

Make Musical Instruments

Make musical instruments out of household materials. What will you find to reuse? Do you already have a recycling bin? Dig through and find some materials to make a drum, shaker, or guitar. You can add rice, beans, string, or rubber bands to create an instrument. Don't forget to decorate it with markers, paint, or crayons. Time to get creative with your child!

Building Blocks

Take some materials around your house and repurpose them into a structure. Will you build a tower or a fort? You can use empty boxes, cans, or cartons to use as building materials. The opportunities are endless! You can decorate the boxes, or add labels to the different buildings you create. If you keep the boxes loose you can build and rebuild different arrangements.

Share Your Play

We want to see and share how you celebrated Earth Day! Send any pictures you take to if you want the chance to be shared on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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